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We work with Gots certified companies. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification of our fabrics is the seal that guarantees complete respect at social and environmental level throughout the entire process of obtaining and manufacturing. No toxic, no chemical or biological alterations, no environmental impact, no abuse or misuse of water resources, no labour exploitation.

Long lasting durability

We offer high durability garments. The fact of working with high quality organic certified fabrics, added to the high finishes of the garment, allow to extend the life cycle of your purchase, thereby reducing the excessive consumption rate to which we are dragged due to the programmed obsolescence.



We believe in challenging the status quo. We do so by using organic and sustainable material and by exploring the undiscovered. Or aim is to create inspiring designs that never compromise comfort nor quality by using cutting edge technologies that embrace sustainable fibers and manufacturing techniques.


Runa Ray uses an open-minded sourcing strategy with no borders. We embrace long-term partnerships with certified manufacturers who share our values and are motivated by principles of quality, efficiency, attention to detail and a love for our Earth.

Sustainability is a global attitude and we are proud to support manufacturers all over the world with sustainable growth.


Climate change is real and with the increases in temperature, the world is about to be faced with adverse effects that will have unseen repercussions. We believe that we are the generation of people and businesses who need to steer the necessary change. 





Converting our garment scraps to paper-

Not only do we manufacture sustainably, we also invest in programs that compensate the resources we have used. In order to offset our emissions and compensate our carbon footprint, we help convert garment scraps into paper which is in turn used in the garment industry as packing and stationary.