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The Runa Ray ‘IMAGINE’ collection was created using only natural dyes from plant material hand pressed onto the fabric.


From the trees that inhabit South East Asia to the Roses that bloom on the way side.

You will find various species of Plants that are pressed on to silks and cottons that give it an almost fossilized effect...

While other pieces are organically dyed and hand embroidered.

Let us Imagine and live in a world where the enchanted forest of life culminates and the memory of the foliage lives on forever.

<img src="bleeding dress.png" alt="bleeding dress with flowers displayed at New york fashion week">
<img src="Bleeding dress.png" alt="Bleeding dress with flowers crying">
<img src="burnt dress.png" alt="burnt dress showing destroyed forests">
<img src="white long dress.png" alt="long silk dress with chlorophyll leaf printing">
<img src="embroidered skirt.png" alt="embroidered skirt in banana fabric and chlorophyll print in leaves">
<img src="embroidered skirt and top.png" alt="embroidered set in banana fabric using chlorophyll printing">
<img src="assymetric top.png" alt="silk top with embroidery and flowers">
 <img src="habutai silk top.png" alt=" white habutai top with embroidery and chlorophyll print">
 <img src="long silk dress.png" alt="Back Cowl Long Dress in Silk Jacquard with Hand Pressed Rose Petals and Flame of the Forest Leaf">
 <img src="white silk top.png" alt="Silk Crepe Napoleon Top with Hand Pressed Rose Petals and Flame of the Forest Leaves">
 <img src="green pants.png" alt="Silk Paper Bag Waist Palazzo Pants">
 <img src="one shouldered top.png" alt="One Shoulder Silk Jacquard Top">
 <img src="white silk skirt.png" alt="Silk Tiered Skirt with Hand Pressed Golden Shower Tree Foliage">
 <img src="white silk top.png" alt="Tiered Silk Crepe Top with Hand Pressed Leaves and Back Organza Embroidery">
 <img src="white silk top.png" alt="Tiered Silk Crepe Top with Hand Pressed Leaves and Back Organza Embroidery">
 <img src="Organza dress.png" alt="Organza Silk Peach Dress with Floral Hand Embroidery, Rhinestones and Cut Work">
 <img src="ruffled dress.png" alt="Peach Silk Organza Ruffled Sleeve Crop Top with Hand Embroidery">
 <img src="slip dress.png" alt="Slip Dress with Hand Pressed Rose Petals">
 <img src="halter dress.png" alt="Halter Dress in Banana Cotton Hand Embroidered Foliage">
 <img src="long pearl dress.png" alt="Back Cowl Long Pearl Dress">
 <img src="strappy dress.png" alt="Spaghetti Strap Lining with Hand Pressed Flame of the Forest Leaf">
 <img src="jumpsuit.png" alt="Silk Jacquard Jumpsuit with Plunging Neckline">
 <img src="top.png" alt="Turtle Neck Pearl Top in beige">
 <img src="skirt.png" alt="Floral Flare Skirt with embroidery">
 <img src="floral top.png" alt="Floral Bandeau Top & Floral Scarf">
 <img src="back cowl top.png" alt="Back Cowl Top with Sea Fern Embroidery">
 <img src="silk pants.png" alt="Silk Wide Leg Pants">
 <img src="ruffled dress.png" alt="Pink Ruffle Sleeved Silk Dress with Sea Fern Embroidery">
 <img src="habutai dress.png" alt="Long Habutai Silk Dress with Hand Embroidered Black Sequined Neck and Thread Work">
 <img src="green shirt.png" alt="Green Silk Shirt with Gun Motif">
 <img src="slouchy pants.png" alt="Slouchy Pants Fiber Dyed in the Medicinal Holy Basil Plant">
 <img src="navy blue shirt.png" alt="Navy Blue Kimono Shirt with Hand Embroidery">
 <img src="white pants.png" alt="Straight Pants in Handloom Banana Fiber">
 <img src="hoodie.png" alt="Long Hoodie Tunic in Handloom Cotton Dyed in Pomegranate Peel and Aloe Vera">
 <img src="crop pants.png" alt="Blue Handloom Cotton Crop Pants">
 <img src="cowl pants.png" alt="black man wears Knit Lurex Slouchy Pants and an open jacket">
 <img src="jacket.png" alt="Jacket in Cactus Cotton with Barbed Wire Hand Embroidery">
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