# Prototypes

This exhibition in Tokyo was to do with the damages of fashion to the environment. From Fur farming to billion dollars worth of prototype waste.
The hidden causes of fashion will never be revealed to the public and what we get to see is only the tip of the iceberg.
The more we as designers can educate the public and design with keeping the end in mind, the easier it will be to make this world a better place

# Hope for the last standing tree


Most Luxury Fashion Houses burn Billions worth goods so that it does not reach the counterfeit market.
The amount of water, energy, resource, animals and man power to make that 1000 USD Luxury Jacket is enough to feed a rural population of 200 people in India for 3 days.

This activism was to show the waste that goes on behind the scenes of large fashion houses

# Peace Activism


The kaftan carrying the Indian national flower and the Pakistan national flower- the lotus and the Jasmine, presented at the Indo-Pak border to bring around a message of peace between the two warring nations.

The Kaftan was presented during the scrapping of the 370 article by India towards Kashmir

#Fashion Activism


During the New York Fashion week, showing the result of climate change on our forests, flora and fauna

# Change Your self to Change the world!


The fashion activism that was carried out at Battery park New York in accordance with Climate action (Youth Summit) and the UNGA 74 that was going to take place at the United Nations New York.

The garment was hand spun by women weavers of Karnataka and dyed using pomegranate skin.

#2019 Conference on Climate Action UNGA 74:


We were invited for the Climate Change Conference at UNGA 74 and participated at the Youth Summit and the Sustainable Development Goal Camps.


We also had an exhibition at the Unicef Lobby in New York which spoke about our sustainable practices during the Green Fair exhibit in May 2019